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London based Jeweller and Designer in Hatton Garden are young and creative handcrafting Jewellery.

Burt and Gurt have satisfied many young professionals can guarantee you more than just fine jewellery to its highest quality but are known for their personal customer service. 

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My Fav for 2015 : Kelly's Inspiring Jewellery

Jaycee De Leon

What does your Jewellery say about you?

Do you wear a piece of jewellery that means more than just a trend craze like a family heirloom passed down from generations in the family?  

Maybe something a loved one bought on a special occasion? 


Since the beginning of our journey here at Burt and Gurt I have observed peoples individuality and must admit when Im out having coffee in Costa working on the website and answering emails  (not in a stalker-ish kinda way) I enjoy people watching  and  appreciate all types of fashion and style - from tattoos, shoes, hairstyles and of course accessories.

When design requests come through from yourselves, I instantly create an avatar in my head and take note of any information that helps me tap into your creative mind.  The imaginative bubbles go wild in my head with ideas and can be challenging for Mark to make I end up wanting one of my designs! which leads me to an  inspiring lady and her jewels.

We were first approached by Kelly who requested a pendant to be made for her, it warmed up our hearts to know she put her trust in us to create something simple, beautiful and very personal to her. And since then has come back for more Jewellery by this point I knew she was more than a customer but a friend.

I asked her the reason behind the 'Bee Pendant' and when she told me her story I knew I had to share her inspiring story, although Kelly requested a few other bits of Jewellery  the bumblebee meant something much more.

When she was diagnosed with cancer  someone told her she would be like a bumblebee. Not sure what this person meant Kelly asked and the response:  

"Bumblebee's fly against all odds. You will win against all odds"

And she did.

Kelly got told she'd never be able to have children - She fell pregnant! During this time was told she may never be able to complete the pregnancy and was also told her cancer may have come back and neither her and baby would survive. Bad news after bad news  Kelly was positive enough that she knew everything was going to be fine With watery eyes after reading Kelly's response, I had nothing but admiration for her determination of carrying nn and not letting anything get her way.

Kelly  fought against it all and won having the all clear with cancer and giving birth to Noah who is now 4 years old.

Last year Kelly requested  a 18ct white gold Pyramid Bracelet and later requested one to be made in 18ct Yellow Gold and a Gold Arrow Pendant. The Pyramids relate to her honeymoon and were gifts from her husband.

18ct White Gold and 18ct Yellow Gold Bracelet

18ct White Gold and 18ct Yellow Gold Bracelet

Don't they look great stacked together , a bit of arm candy going on!

Don't they look great stacked together , a bit of arm candy going on!

And the story behind the Arrow Pendant? well It was pretty simple..

Keep moving forward no matter what life throws her way! 

Every piece we make has a story - some happy or sad and some it is a reminder that everything will be alright.  Kelly  taught usthat everyones paths are different whether they are fun, easy or stressful and hard it takes a strong mind to pull through them. I myself will be designing a piece for me to wear so when times get a little hectic I can step back and remember my purpose and pull through to the next hurdle.

Although this is Kelly's story I would like to dedicate the blog to other people and friends there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Seriously who would of thought something so simple had so much meaning! Have you got any jewellery gem stories to share? 

Have you got an idea you would like made into Jewellery for yourself or loved one? Lets start your design process and get making here!