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To Wed Or Not To Wed?

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To Wed Or Not To Wed?

Jaycee De Leon

Many couples reach that point where the  topic of 'Would you ever get Married?' is mentioned. Whether you are anti-marriage or all-for-marriage it is important to know if the relationship is  heading the way you want it to go - so the question is 'Is it neccessary to get married?' to show you love each other?' No.

We've had people approach us who have chosen that marriage is just simply not for them especially after having kids and getting a house a wedding is no longer a priority. And for some decide  a 'Promise Ring' or an 'Infinity Ring' is better for them.

I can go on and on when it comes to 'The history of the Engagement Ring' but I guess I will save this for another blog.

Did you know  an Engagement Ring is originally known as a 'Promise' Ring?  But  somewhere down the line someone changed the rule!

There are many ways of expressing your love for that person through Jewellery. Many people have  engraving done inside their promise rings -  love this idea cause its so personal and meaningful between with  you and your loved one.  Promise Rings are becoming very popular these days no matter what they look like. Woman nowadays purchase a Promise Ring for their boyfriend or get matching rings- another way of showing your love for on another!

The Infinity Ring has the same principle as the Promise Ring. The only difference you will notice is an Infinity Ring has more of a casual look to it. To find out more about where the symbol came from and what it means click here.

On Infinity Rings people tend to add a bit of sparkle to make it that extra special   or request for their names to be cut out like the one in the photo.  

Like the one below if you are not about bling and sparkle and would rather has something cool but meaningful why not opt for something like the below photo ? Embossed writing or add a single diamond inside like the one from  SerendipityDiamonds

Remember marriage is not for everyone  and should not be forced upon you, only you and your loved one know what is best for you. And If Promise Rings are the way forward then go for it!