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Jewellery Heirlooms Redesigned!

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Jewellery Heirlooms Redesigned!

Jaycee De Leon

If you read my last blog 'The bumble bee Pendant Story' you will notice the blog I am about to write is fairly similar - Sentimental Jewellery.

Over Christmas we were asked to turn a family heirloom into a modern piece of Jewellery to be worn everyday requests after requests I noticed a big demand in heirloom redesign however  noticed people in our generations (28-35yo) are either cashing it in or leaving it in their drawer not thinking that it is possible to turn them into something else. 

A lot of the engagement rings you see today are heavily influenced from traditional classics such as  'Halo Engagement Rings that we often make. With having interest in sentimental jewellery I asked Mark  whether he had jewellery from his grandparents, and he does! 

I can see that gold has always been a favourite with no silver/platinum or white gold in sight, having owned cufflinks, tie pins and shirt studs in those days would mean owning dressy shirts for a stylish and classy individual such as Marks grandfather.

Jewellery hand me downs have  even deeper meaning  and hold a  great deal of emotional attachment. Family heirlooms take you're thoughts back to the time  and question the story behind your great ancestors trinkets! Especially if your ancestors were  from the east-end of London with Gold Bracelets covered in little Gold  Charms, layers of Gold Chains hanging from their neck to Gold Sovereigns on every finger. 

Gold is seen as a “safe haven”  an easy investment then and even now, with the economy going down the price of gold went up hitting individuals left with no other choice but part with their heirlooms to get by. With 'Scrap Gold for Cash' chains popping up in even street corner this was the perfect niche within the jewellery trade and easy option for the consumer. 


Cufflinks, Tie pins, Cufflinks all worn by Marks Grandfather, Gold Broach and Engagement Ring from Marks Great Grandmother. I love looking through his familys jewellery, I feel an emotional attachment to each piece.

Did Grandma Phyllis wear the gold broach just for best? or was it part of her everyday accessory?

How often did Grandad Percy and Grandad Robert wear cufflinks , tie pins or shirt studs? 

From what I can see they were a stylish family then like they are now through the generation that is here now. 

Donnas Christmas Wish.

When approached by Donna in Christmas she had all her grandmas jewellery locked away in her cupboard for years and asked if it were possible to make something out of it. She needed something practical and durable something that would not get in the way of her daily dog walks. Donna sent us a photo of a gold band with diamonds  and by the look of it there was enough Gold and Diamonds to make it, unfortunately I didn't take photos of all the Jewellery but I managed to get some.

Donna now has a piece of jewellery that she can wear everyday and be reminded by her grandma its practical, casual and sentimental a perfect combination. 

Have you got old jewellery you want to turn into modern jewellery that you can wear everyday? Send us a message if you want something to be made from you family heirloom!