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How to Buy an Engagement Ring: A Basic Guide for Those in the Search

Jaycee De Leon

Buying a ring is a decision that cannot be left to chance because you can’t just pick one and hope that it will make do. Information is your best friend since you cannot afford to go wrong during the selection. With the many varieties on the market that differ in terms of stones, settings, metals and trends that keep evolving each season, it is no wonder that choosing an engagement ring can be so intimidating. If you are a man, think of the message you want to put forward with that ring. For a lady shopping with her partner, contemplate the story you wish to accompany that ring. Here is a little help on how to buy an engagement ring.

Personal Style

Preference is one of the first factors to always take into account. Women have different impressions of what the perfect ring looks like, and not to mention that some dream about it for a better part of their lives. Is your soon-to-be fiancée is a chic style kind of person or does she appreciate the traditional look? You may have heard a comment or two in passing about her preference for a bezel cut compared  to a cushion. If you have doubts, enlist the assistance of a close friend and note down the most important style preferences.

How Much

Before you even start looking at wedding rings in London, consider the amount you intend to spend. The plus side of having many alternatives is that there is a price tag to suit every pocket. One problem that most people encounter is up-selling that leads to overspending. You can avoid that by setting your budget, which should typically not involve you ending up in debt before you even begin planning the wedding. The best idea is to have a price range to work with.

Where to Buy

Another tip on how to buy an engagement ring is to find a reputable jeweller such as Burt and Gurt Jewellery Ltd to guide you through the process. Since there are numerous jewellery stores, especially online, that can be very enticing, you should identify and ensure to deal only with those that use genuine and high-quality stones. Check out the reputation of a jeweller before looking at the engagement ring options available.

Four C's

You might have heard it around, but the four Cs will guide you when searching for that good-enough-to-wear-for-the-rest-of-her-life ring. These are: carat, clarity, cut and colour. Keep them in mind and know your partner’s personality if you wish for a pick that will leave both parties pleased.

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