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London based Jeweller and Designer in Hatton Garden are young and creative handcrafting Jewellery.

Burt and Gurt have satisfied many young professionals can guarantee you more than just fine jewellery to its highest quality but are known for their personal customer service. 

Get your Perfect Engagement Ring by dropping hints!

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Get your Perfect Engagement Ring by dropping hints!

Jaycee De Leon

Perhaps being married to a Jeweller was easy for me to discuss what my ideal Engagement Ring was (although he would still say I was a pain in the you know what). But for some couples the talks on marriage is always a bit daunting and can sometimes scare him into thinking if he is ready or not, but whatever you do DO NOT PRESSURE HIM.

Yes I get it! all your girlfriends have that sparkly finger and eventually getting married, while your still waiting to be asked? I was once that person waiting... and waiting.... and waiting..... haha! I see this happening all the time but one thing I have learnt while being in the Jewellery World is when a man is ready to pop that question he will go out his way in making sure the waiting was worth it.

Take advantage of Social Media without trying to get him to go 'Ring Window Shopping' with you  and looking desperate that you want him to take it to the next step. Come on ladies we've all been there and for those who are still wondering when or if he will pop the question in the mean time drop some hints.

1. PIN IT!  The Power of Pinterest! I am a huge fan of this clever virtual mood board! If you haven't already signed up ... then do it ....... now! Link it with your Facebook and start pinning all the gorgeous engagement rings you would 'one day ' like to own! You never know your future fiancé may just stubble upon your dream ring and with your help he will get it right! Pinterest is perfect for everything such as wedding planning / decorating ideas / fashion ideas.... just everything!

2. I GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS Yes! tell your girlfriend what you want don't be shy! go ring shopping together why not!? If your future fiancé is looking to share his plans in proposing it would be your best friend he contacts to see what ring you would like. Unless he know 100% what you are after then you are one lucky chick, not all men are clued up when it comes to picking the right ring. 

3. THE OLD FASHIONED WAY If your anything like me you would just tell him and show him photos. Tell him what you want theres nothing wrong with that - Platinum yes! Grey Pear Shaped Diamond please with an extra White Pear Shape next to it and if possible it would look really pretty with some smaller diamonds around it and down the shoulders?

Go on Google Images while you're staying in on a Saturday night with a takeaway  'Honey this ring is gorgeous! '  Tell him what you don't like about certain rings and why you prefer a certain a style. Cause when they decide to put that ring on your finger he will be on his own without you telling him.

There is no harm is telling you're future fiancé what you want it will make his life easier and you wont moan that he got it wrong its a win win situation. 

4. SHARE/LIKE/TAG ON FACEBOOK ah the famous Facebook! Tag him in photos of engagement rings, only you know your relationship whether its at the 'comfortable' stage for you to tag away lol don't be tagging him after the 1st month of dating and don't go overboard either  you might justscare the thought out his head! Perhaps get your BFF to tag your other half in a ring you like? 

5. ASK HIM and I don't mean ask him to marry you. Get him to show you photos of what he thinks you would wear or what he would like to see you have. This can be fun and not as daunting as you make it. 

Or LEAVE HIM TO IT theres nothing more attractive than a man who just gets on with it and takes charge without us ladies interfering! either way you wont be disappointed.

CAUTION...... Please do not use all 5  hints on the poor guy :)