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Boracay the inspiration to our Jewellery Collection

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Boracay the inspiration to our Jewellery Collection

Jaycee De Leon

Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful it has left you inspired and grateful?

Or ..

Had those days when you wish I would love to go back and reminisce.

For me its a yes to the above!

Every time I go away on holiday I leave with the intention that I come back feeling relaxed, inspired and most importantly - GRATEFUL!  I feel so lucky to be given the opportunity to travel where we want and explore the world. Whether its sitting by the pool, watching the sunset or walking through the local town. I feel even more fortunate that my family heritage 

Wherever I travel to my mind  never switches off and I use my trip as an inspiration for my designs. For the past few years my husband and I have been traveling back to the Philippines to plan a momentous event - OUR WEDDING! and at the same time flourish our Jewellery Business!  

I collect small things whenever I go away on holiday and on our first trip to Boracay back in May 2010 I picked up a small coral for me to put in our bathroom and made  promise to myself I would bring one home each time we went there ....5 years later my collection grew.

And of course I picked some on our wedding day and thought to myself, one day ill look at these and remember our big day. Walking through a part of the beach full of coral in my heels I picked out the three that stood out and without me realising they had a hidden message ' I Love You' 

Set on a private white beach 'Punta Bunga' with the crystal clear blue waters the ever green palm trees swaying left to right and the bright warm sun shining down on our guests we knew we picked the right location.

We picked white and pastel for the colour theme with each of the bridesmaids  in different pastel dresses, our flower girl and family in White and  the wedding decor in White. We then chose the harsh contrast of  Petrol Blue for the groom and his entourage which worked really well.

As a designer I had visions of how I wanted the big day to look  and even incorporated it into our new jewellery collection. Instead of a new chapter in our lives this is a new book we are creating. Inspired by the colours used, the simplicity of style and the harsh colours against the soft palette Mark and I have decided to combine the beauty of our wedding with the artistry of Marks Spinning Wedding Band and my Interlocking Engagement /Wedding Ring. 

Although there is a deeper meaning behind our jewellery collection ill be sure to blog about it real soon but have a look at what we have so far!

Rose Gold Plated Coral Pendant on a 30 Inch Necklace hangs very nicely 

I am so fortunate  that my husband is a jeweller and we both share the same passion in creating something beautiful from our own experiences! I am forever coming up with these crazy ideas that I would love to help you design something unique and sentimental for you. Perhaps you have some inspiration yourself and wish for someone to make your visions come to life?

What you think about our jewellery pieces? Perhaps you've had a destination wedding and you're just like me - love collecting little gems and would like to turn them into Jewellery?

Give me an email I would love to hear from you!