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14 Greville Street
London EC1N 8SB

London based Jeweller and Designer in Hatton Garden are young and creative handcrafting Jewellery.

Burt and Gurt have satisfied many young professionals can guarantee you more than just fine jewellery to its highest quality but are known for their personal customer service. 

Infinity Diamond Set Necklace


Bespoke engagement rings and unique jewellery beautifully hand-crafted at our London store. Order online or contact us for a custom design. 

Infinity Diamond Set Necklace

infinity necklace.jpg
infinity necklace.jpg

Infinity Diamond Set Necklace


Twisted metal forming an infinity sign, forged with 18CT white Gold.

Covered in immortal diamonds, this creation becomes a symbol of emotion, which will go on indefinitely in time.
This affection will pass through the winds of change, blizzards of change and dust of time, remaining untouched by the detriments which flow at it.

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