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14 Greville Street
London EC1N 8SB

London based Jeweller and Designer in Hatton Garden are young and creative handcrafting Jewellery.

Burt and Gurt have satisfied many young professionals can guarantee you more than just fine jewellery to its highest quality but are known for their personal customer service. 

Bespoke Service Page

Have you ever thought about getting jewellery custom made? Drop us a message and we will turn your visions into reality.

If the piece of jewel has not caught your attention on our website then you're probably thinking down the bespoke route. A bespoke piece doe's not have to be something crazy and out there it could be the most simplest thing you found from one ring but would like the style of another. All these are doable with a little vision from yourself we can take care of the rest.

Whether it be a customised watch  to stand out from the crowd, a his and hers ring, to an heirloom redesign here at Burt and Gurt we make sure you don't walk out that door unhappy and unsure. We will go through everything you need to know in making your experience with us unforgettable.

Simply drop us a message below and one of us will get back to you, we enjoy and love this side of the business and love the challenge so if you have any quirky ideas you would like made then give us a shout, can't wait to hear from you.

Have a look at the Gallery Below to see all the other things our customers have requested, from a Razor Blade Pendant for a Tattooist, Skull Wedding Bands the list goes on!

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